Division of Transportation Services

Parked BusThe Division of Transportation Services (DTS), under the Department of Health and Human Services, provides fare-free non-emergency curb-to-curb transportation services to senior citizens (60 years and older), people with disabilities, veterans, and low-income residents of Gloucester County.

Advance Reservations

Advance reservations are required and ongoing subscription service is also available. Service is provided to all areas of Gloucester County.

General Policies & Procedures

For general information and eligibility please review the current DTS Policy and Procedures

To view The County of Gloucester Division of Transportation ADA Policy, CLICK HERE

About Us

Gloucester County Division of Transportation Services (DTS) has been in existence since 1985. Since its inception, DTS has been committed to improving accessibility for senior citizens, people with disabilities and other residents with mobility challenges. From 1985 to 2010, DTS has provided over 2.5 million rides to eligible residents. DTS budget and operational activities are based upon various federal and state funding sources as well as county funds made available to DTS

Gloucester County Local Citizen's Transportation Advisory Committee (LCTAC)

Advisory responsibility is provided by the Gloucester County Local Citizen's Transportation Advisory Committee (LCTAC)