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DTS Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Application

  1. For proper processing, individual dialysis patients are encouraged to file transportation requests through the attending social worker at their chosen facility. This online application is for a Gloucester County resident that is requesting transportation. Please be aware that this transportation is Monday through Friday only. If you have any questions regarding this form or any others please call 856-686-8355.
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  5. Type of Disability
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  6. Do you currently use New Jersey Access Link?
  7. If you answered No to the previous question, have you ever applied to New Jersey Access Link?*
  8. Have you ever been denied New Jersey Access Link services?
  9. Are you willing and able to use public transportation?*
  10. Is medical appointment due to a work accident?*
  11. Is medical appointment due to an automobile accident?*
  12. Type of service requesting (work, educations, medical), facility destination (name and city), day of the week requesting service, drop off and pick-up times at facility destination
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