Social Services

The Gloucester County Division of Social Services (formerly the Gloucester County Board of Social Services) was established in 1932 under the New Jersey Statutes Annotated, Title 44 to provide for widows and children. Through the years we have expanded to include many more services such as:

  • Cash assistance to families and adults

Call: 856-256-2172

  • Child Support and Paternity 

Call: 856-256-2227

  • Emergency assistance and employment support activities

Call: 856-256-2113

  • Food Stamps 

Call: 856-256-2172

  • Medicaid 

ABD Medicaid Call: 856-256-2187 

ACA Medicaid Call: 856-256-2850

Mission & Responsibilities

It is the mission and the responsibility of the Gloucester County Division of Social Services to provide an opportunity for self-sufficiency to individuals and families through economic and social service programs designed for this purpose. The Division and its employees are committed to offering these services in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect without regard to race, creed, disability, sex or national origin. We are also dedicated to provide timely, efficient, cost-effective delivery of social, medical and economic programs in a compassionate and financially responsible manner.

Serving the Community Remotely

Gloucester County Division of Social Services is open and serving individuals online and by phone.

Food Assistance

County residents who want to apply for SNAP food assistance, or cash assistance under the Work First New Jersey program can do so online. We will be conducting interviews by phone, so you do not need to come into the office to apply for benefits. If you need to drop off paperwork, we have a drop box available out front of our office.

View ongoing updates about the SNAP food assistance program and the Work First New Jersey cash assistance programs during the coronavirus public health crisis.