Payment Guidelines


  • All checks for $10,000 or more must be certified
  • All checks must be dated within 90 days, unless noted otherwise on the check
  • Limit of ten documents per check
  • No out of state personal checks will be accepted
  • Personal checks over $200 must be certified checks, bank checks or money orders


The Clerk's Office is now accepting Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

General Recording Fees

  • First Page $30
    • Each Page After $10
  • Marginal Notation or Abstract Fee $10

Instrument / Service Fee Schedule

Instrument / ServiceService
Abstract of Judgment$25
Agreement$30, $10
Assign/Fine Statement (UCC)$25
Assignment/Rents$30, $10
Assignment of Tax Sale$30, $10, $10
Assignment of Mortgage$30, $10, $10
Assumption of Mortgage$30, $10, $10
Bill of Sale$30, $10
Cancelation of Mortgage$20
Cancelation of Tax Sale$20
Certificate of Incorporation$25
Certified Copy$2
Condominium Lien$30, $10
Construction Lien$15
Continuation Fine State (UCC)$25
Copy of Map$5
Declaration of Taking$30, $10, $10
Deed$30, $10, $10
Discharge Construction Lien$15
Discharge Lis Pendens$40
Discharge of Mortgage$30, $10, $10
Dissolution of Trade Name$25 (Checks are not accepted)
Declaration of Restrictions$30, $10
Discharge of Notice Settlement$20
Easement$30, $10, $10
Extension of Mortgage$30, $10, $10
Federal Tax Lien$25
Filed Map Subdivision$55
Final Judgment$30, $10, $10
Firemans ExemptionNo Charge
Firemans Vending LicenseNo Charge
Financing Statement (UCC)$25
Hospital Lien$15
Inheritance Tax Waiver$15
Lease$30, $10
Lien Claim$9
Lis Pendens/ Foreclosure$40
Lis Pendens/ Recorded$30, $10
Map Non-Subdivision$55
Marginal Notation Additional$10
Merger$30, $10
Modification Agreement$30, $10, $10
Memo of Indenture$30, $10
Mortgage$30, $10
Municipality - Deed$8
Municipality - Mortgage$8
Notary Name ChangeNo Charge
Notice of Settlement$20
Notary Certificate Authority$5
Notary Certificate Commission$15
Partial Release of Fin State (UCC)$25
Passport Photo Single$5
Passport Family Photo$10
Passport Photo Age 5 and UnderNo Charge
Physicians Lien$15
Physicians Registration$25
Postponement of Mortgage$30, $10, $10
Power of Attorney$30, $10
Redemption of Tax Sale Cert$30, $10, $10
Release of Federal Tax Lien$25
Release of Mortgage$30, $10, $10
Release of Judgment$30, $10, $10
Right of Way$30, $10, $10
Service Discharge HonorableNo Charge
Subordination Agreement$30, $10, $10
Tax Sale Certificate$30, $10
Tax Sale Certificate Municipal$8
Termination of Lease$30, $10, $10
Termination of Fine State (UCC)$25
Trade Name$50 (Checks are not accepted)
Travel (Passport) Card$35
UCC Amendment Fine Statement$25
UCC Postponement$25
Vacation Order$30, $10
Veterans Vending LicenseNo Charge

Passport Fees

Please see our Passports page for additional information on passport fees.

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