Trade Names

Important Information About Registering a Trade Name

You must search the Trade Name database (see Trade Name Search link below) to ensure that the name you wish to use is available. The database can be searched on-site at the Courthouse/County Store or online at the County Clerk’s website. Trade Names can also be searched at the Courthouse by reviewing the Trade Name books located in the Record Room.

Applicants applying for a Trade Name to sell insurance must present an approval letter from the State of New Jersey, Department of Banking and Insurance.

Trade Name Registration is limited to sole proprietorships or general partnerships. Businesses that are incorporated or formed as limited liability corporations or partnerships, must file with the State of New Jersey. Therefore, you cannot put "Inc.", "Corp.", "LLC" or LP as part of your company name unless you are filing with the state.

Directions for Filling out Trade Name Forms

  1. Fill out four identical Trade Name forms. Each form must be an original and must be printed clearly and legibly.
  2. You must sign all four forms as the deponent in front of a Notary Public. The Notary Public will complete the acknowledgment with your name, the date, his/her Notary Public information and signature.
  3. The County Clerk has Public Notaries on staff to notarize Trade Name Forms only. The cost is $1, and you must present your driver’s license and one other form of identification.
  4. Once all forms are completed, you must bring them to any of the County Clerk locations with a $50 fee. We will accept cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. We do not accept checks for Trade Names.
  5. You will be provided with a certified copy of the Trade Name for you to present to the bank and a time stamped copy for your records. We will send one form to the State of New Jersey and keep one on file in the Record Room.

The telephone number for obtaining a federal tax ID number is 800-829-4933.

Trade Name Search

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