Submission Requirements for Wells & Septic Systems

Gloucester County Department of Health and Human Services plan application submission requirements. All items listed are to be submitted concurrently for review. Missing items will delay your plan approval. There will be a charge for the submission of Individual Sewage Disposal System applications/plans and Individual Water Supply System applications. All fees are to be paid by either check or money order made payable to the County of Gloucester.

No cash will be accepted. There will be no exceptions.

2020 Fee Schedule


  • All Well Submissions: $125

Septic Systems (Plans Will Expire After 2 Years)

  • Alteration: $300
  • Continuing Use: $50
  • New Construction: $350
  • Real Estate Inspection of Septic System Review - (On-Site Inspection of Septic System Review): $125
  • Real Estate Inspection of Septic System Review Update - (On-Site Inspection of Septic System Update): $75
  • Repair: $100
  • Revision: $175
  • Septic System Permit Renewal: $100
  • Well and Septic Abandonment: $50 each / $75 both

On-Site Septic System Installation Re-Inspections - Installers/Contractors (For Unsatisfactory Installations)

  • Re-Inspection Fee (first): $50
  • Re-Inspection Fee (second): $75
  • Re-Inspection Fee (third): $125


  • Three complete sets of individual sewage disposal system applications from your design engineer.
  • Three complete sets of the individual water supply system applications.
  • A copy of the approved subdivision map stamped by the township planning board or copy of the registered deed for properties recently subdivided.

Additional Requirements

  • Pinelands - Properties located in the Pinelands must submit an additional individual sewage disposal system and individual water supply system application and a copy of the "Notice of Filing" from the Pinelands Commission.
  • Deptford Township - The Board of Health in Deptford Township requires that a permit is obtained from them prior to submission to this department. Please include a copy of your receipt or stamped application with your submission. An M.U.A. waiver is also required.
  • East Greenwich Township - The sewage disposal system application and design must be submitted to the East Greenwich Township Board of Health prior to submission to this department. A letter of approval must accompany your individual sewage disposal system application to this department.
  • Waiver from local Municipal Utility Authority (M.U.A.) - The M.U.A. in Clayton, Mantua Township, Monroe Township, Washington Township, and West Deptford requires that a waiver is obtained from them prior to submission to this department. Please include a copy of the waiver with your application.
  • Borough of Wenonah - A letter from the municipality is required prior to submission to this department. Well and septic system applications are available on this site.