Whenever required, the successful bidder shall promptly execute a formal contract to be approved as to its form, terms and conditions and signed by proper authority.

When required, such bidder shall also execute and deliver to the Purchasing Department a good and sufficient performance bond in the amount specified in the invitation to bid. Any bidder who has a contract awarded to him/her and who fails to execute promptly and properly the required contract and bond, shall forfeit his certified check or an equivalent amount under his bid bond. The certified checks of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned. A certificate of insurance must also be submitted when required by the specifications.

Notice of Award

A notice of award will be issued to the approved low bidder and the department involved of the results of a county competitive sealed bid. The notice of award form shall contain the following information:

  • Authorized signature
  • Bid number (Specification or PD Number)
  • Bid title
  • Date of award
  • Department name and address
  • Item number
  • Vendor name and address

The Purchasing Department will send a copy of the signed contract when all signatures are in place to the vendor for their information.

Termination of Contracts

The County Purchasing Director reserves the right to terminate contracts in whole or in part after notification in writing to the contractor. Notification should be at least five working days prior to the termination date unless otherwise noted within the contract. In the event of termination, the County shall not be liable for any costs other than the costs of items delivered and accepted prior to the termination date.