The following is a list of some of the fees charged by The Gloucester County Surrogate's Court  pursuant to New Jersey Statutes Annotated 22A:2-30.

Probate of Wills & Copies

Probate of Will (Not more than two pages)$100
Each additional page of the Will$5
Probate of each Codicil (Not more than one page)$25
Each additional page$5
Plain extra copy of Will, per page$3
Certified copy of Will (Not more than two pages)$50
Each additional page$5
Exemplified copy of Will (Not more than two pages)$75
Each additional page$5
Filing an exemplified copy of Will and probate proceedings from another state, per page$5
Filing, entering, issuing and recording, proceedings in commission for deposition of foreign witness to a Will or Codicil$35

Letters of Trusteeship


Letters of Administration

Administration ad prosequendum$50
Affidavits of surviving spouse or next of kin where estate does not exceed $50,000 or $20,000 respectively, for each $100 or part thereof (Not to exceed $50; fee waived where value of assets of the estate does not exceed $200)$50.00
Certified copy of administration$50
Exemplifying administration$75
General Administration$125

Letters of Guardianship

Granting letters of guardianship$50


Filing complaint and one page of accounting$175
In estates from $10,001 to and including $30,000$125
In estates from $2,001 to and including $10,000$100
In estates from $30,001 to and including $65,000$150
In estates exceeding $65,001 to $200,0003/10 of 1% but not less than $300
In estates exceeding $200,000, 4/10 of 1% but not less than $400
In estates up to and including $2,000No Additional Fee
Granting letters of guardianship$50

Miscellaneous Proceedings (Superior Court)

Filing Motion$15
Filing of answering pleadings or other answering$110
Filing of first paper (Complaint)$175
Proceeding for appointment of conservator (with or without jury)$175
Proceeding for determination of incapacity and appointment of guardian for alleged incapacitated person (with or without jury)$200
Sale of land to pay debts (exclusive of advertising)$175
Sale of minors land$175


Adoption of adults$175
Adoption of minors$175

Miscellaneous Charges

Caveat, filing or withdrawing$25
Combined refunding bond and release of not more than two pages$10
Each additional page$5
Filing Notice of Probate and Proof of Mailing$5 per page
Filing of motions in the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Probate Part$15
Making all other copies, per page$3
Processing fee from returned check$20
Renunciation by one person$5
Renunciation each additional person$3
Searching fee, per estate$10
Short certificate$5
Validating short certificate within 1 year of issue$3


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  • Payments can also be paid in check or cash. 
  • Please make checks payable to The Gloucester County Surrogate.