Outreach & Community Service

Gloucester County Emergency Medical Service (GCEMS) conducts numerous community outreach activities for the taxpayers of Gloucester County. Gloucester County Emergency Response offers speakers for your:

  • Career days
  • Pre-schools
  • Scouting programs
  • Senior citizen groups
  • Service groups
Gloucester County EMS

Public Education for Service Groups

We visit:

  • High school career days
  • Lions and rotary clubs
  • Senior citizens groups
  • Many other groups

Cellphone Sally & Friends (911 Education)

For more information, please contact Jennifer Fox.

Classroom Group

File Of Life Program

Please visit the File of Life page for more information about this program.

Residential Knox Box Program

We have the residential Knox Box program which was developed to secure keys to your home for GCEMS crews to use during a medical emergency. In the event you are unable to answer the door during an emergency, the 

Gloucester County EMS crew will now be able to gain access to your home, preventing costly damage from having to force entry through the door or window, and saving precious time that is frequently lost while waiting for a friend or family member to arrive with a key. Complete information on this program is available from the GCEMS office by calling 856-307-7120.

File of Life folder and insert