Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery Collaborative Report

This report demonstrates initiatives taken to better our county, and the collective mindset of our community’s decision-makers in industry, small business, education and government. These members came together to serve on five separate committees to strategically position our employers and workforce to take advantage of recovery resources, examine issues of access to technology and transportation, and better understand the unique needs of under-resourced communities, and minority and women-owned businesses. Gloucester County is the only New Jersey county to gather community input in an effort to successfully distribute recovery funding for business and industry sectors, as well as communities and residents. Our county stands as a leader in proactive economic recovery initiatives.

Read the Economic Recovery Collaborative Report

Navigator Program

The Gloucester County Navigator is a program developed in partnership with NJEDA and is an outgrowth of the work done by the Gloucester County Economic Recovery Collaborative. The Navigator will help our municipalities attract new businesses that can take advantage of local, state, and federal incentives and bring new investment and jobs to our community.

View the powerpoint below to learn more about Navigator Program. 

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