EMT Refresher Training

The Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy hosts ABC Refreshers on a weekly basis. These courses are available to both County of Gloucester Employees and all other NJ EMTs.

Each session will begin promptly at 08:00hrs and is expected to conclude at 17:00hrs, which includes a lunch break.  All sessions will be in the Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy classroom located at 1200 N. Delsea Drive, Building A, Clayton NJ 08312.

Notice of Testing:

In compliance with NJ OEMS Policy, all students enrolled in an EMT Refresher class will be tested in the three domains of learning, cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

Cognitive (knowledge): There will be a 50 question final exam at the end of this course. You must score 70% or better to receive credit for the class, and you will have a maximum of two opportunities to pass the exam. Any student that is unable to achieve a minimum score of 70% or better, after the second attempt at the exam, will be required to repeat the entire Refresher class.

Affective (attitude): Students are expected to behave in a manner that brings credibility to EMS as a profession, and displays professionalism amongst the department. Unprofessional behavior may result in dismissal from the class, thereby requiring the student to repeat the entire Refresher class.

Psychomotor (skills): Refresher students are required to display skill competency equal to or better than the minimum required competencies of entry-level EMTs. Students that are unable to display these skills competencies will be required to repeat the entire Refresher class.

All students must bring a copy of a CURRENT CPR Certification to class. Digital “e-cards” can be uploaded to our system when you arrive at class.
If you are unable to produce your CPR Certification at the start of class, you will not be permitted to attend.

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