Graduate Testimonials

An Amazing Experience...

"This class has been an amazing experience for myself and the others involved. All of the instructors and preceptors were a large help in understanding the material and answering any questions I had."



Instructors were extremely detailed...

"I felt that the pilot program was a huge success and that shows through our hard work.  The instructors did everything they could to encourage us and help us reach and achieve our goals.  The instructors were extremely detailed and took the time to explain situations if we weren't completely clear on it and made themselves available if any question or concern came up, which made the learning process easier."


Fun, interactive course...

"The EMT Academy provided by GCEMS was a fun, interactive, course with advanced learning in a short amount of time."


Completely exceeded my expectations

"This course completely exceeded my expectations! The instructors were thorough and completely involved in all aspects of the curriculum. I loved how much hands on clinical training was involved. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of a wonderful academy and an amazing team."