Gloucester County's 2021 Hazardous Mitigation Plan

The Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management is leading the update of the countywide Hazardous Mitigation Plan (HMP). This plan is an opportunity to detail a variety of potential hazards that could affect some of our residents and will allow the county and participating municipalities to be eligible for future mitigation funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Hazard mitigation is an action to help reduce long-term risks caused by hazards or disasters, such as flooding, earthquakes, or wildfires. 

Public participation and feedback is a vital part of the hazard mitigation planning process. The Gloucester County HMP Steering Committee has developed a Mitigation Survey to assist in providing the public an outlet to contribute to the Gloucester County HMP update. This survey will be used to develop portions of the HMP. Thank you for participating in this important initiative by providing us with your anonymous survey contribution.

Take the survey here.

Visit the Gloucester County Hazard Mitigation Plan website provides project updates, resources, and links to hazard mitigation in support of the HMP update.

Hazardous Mitigation Plan

Gloucester County HMP2