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Adams Meeting House
Located at the northeast corner of Oak Grove Road and Stone Meeting House Road, halfway between Bridgeport and Swedesboro.

Built-in 1793, when Joseph and Elizabeth Adams deeded the ground "for a consideration of five shillings." The oldest Methodist Church building in Gloucester County is also known as the Old Stone Church or the Oak Grove Church.

Owned by Swedesboro Methodist Church
Alcyon Lake
Holly Avenue
Pitman, NJ 08071
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Originally the site of an Indian village. Alcyon Lake was known for its recreation facilities and park accommodations from the 1870s until 1945.

Owned by Borough of Pitman.
Aura United Methodist Church
Located at Aura-Willow Grove Road, Aura.

This Church was erected in 1806 in the North West corner of the cemetery. It was moved to its present location in 1878, at which time several additions were made. Owned by Aura United Methodist Church.
Balloon Landing Site
The area west of Clement's Bridge Road and south of Big Timber Creek in Deptford Township, between the R.C.A. Plant and the Creek.

On January 9, 1793 aerialist Jean Pierre Blanchard landed here. This was the completion of America's first balloon flight. Blanchard had left 6th and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia almost an hour earlier. His balloon carried him about 15 miles in 56 minutes before dropping down. The personal letter he carried from President Washington allayed the fears and suspicions of local farmers who saw him drop from the sky. R.C.A. Parts 8 Accessories Plant.

On January 9, 1793, Jean Pierre Blanchard, a French balloonist, completed the first manned flight in America. His forty-minute trip by balloon from Philadelphia to Deptford Township was the actual beginning of the aero-space age in our hemisphere.
Barnsboro Hotel
Located in the center of Barnsboro. The original section of this old hotel was built of cedar logs twelve by sixteen inches squared, and was standing as early as 1720, then owned by John Budd. John Barnes, from whom Barnsboro takes its name, was issued the first license for an inn March 19th, 1778.

Four old fireplaces were made of one-inch bricks. The added sections of the building make it now of three levels.

Privately Owned
Bethel Methodist Church
Located at Route 47, Hurffville.

This church was developed from the lay ministry of John Barley who came here in 1764 - an Irish immigrant. The first church building was used until 1840 when the second building was erected and used until 1901 when it was destroyed by fire (from lightning). The third and present edifice was built in 1882.

Owned by Bethel Methodist Church
Bond House
Located at the west side of Kings Highway, Clarksboro.

The older north section of this house is believed to have been built in the early 1700s. The discovery of a small hidden alcove in the attic, large enough to hide a full-grown person, has given rise to many legends and traditions about the house.

Privately Owned
Candor Hall or Ladd's Castle
1337 LaFayette Avenue
Colonial Manor
West Deptford Township, NJ 08096
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This Colonial manor is the oldest brick house in the county. It was built ca. 1688 by John Ladd, who lived there until his death. He is said to have helped William Penn lay out the streets of Philadelphia. Four chimneys enhance its staunch, sturdy appearance, and although it has been shorn of one of its hewn-log wings, the main building, made of native brick, stands proudly on its firm foundations

Privately Owned
Chew House
436 E Barber Avenue
Woodbury, NJ 08096
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The oldest part of this house is the story-and-a-half section at the west with a dormer window breaking the gabled roofline. It was built before 1800 and originally contained two rooms, one behind the other, each with a corner fireplace using a common chimney. The interesting wall construction indicates this was originally a log dwelling built with two-by-twelve-inch hand-hewn logs of swamp cedar.

Privately Owned
Clevengor Brothers Glass Works
Located at East Linden and Vine Streets, Clayton.

These glassworks represent the last of the old-time glassblowers of South Jersey. The business was established by three Clevenger brothers - Thomas, the oldest; Reno, and Ollie, the youngest. A fourth brother, George, died at the age of 21. Their father, William H. Clevenger, was a master at this work. His last job was at Moore Brothers in Clayton. All three of his sons began their apprenticeship at Moore Brothers.

Privately Owned
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