Board of Commissioners Director Message

Maintaining and expanding a talented workforce, creating opportunities for businesses to grow, and provide quality educational and technical training programs to our county residents are some of the main priorities of the Gloucester County Board of Commissioners. As we head into a new year, the Commissioners Board continues to focus on each of these initiatives to ensure our county remains a first-class place for education, training and job growth.

With the successes of past years laying a solid foundation, the upcoming year looks to be promising as well. The county’s unemployment rate has dropped to a record low prior to the pandemic, as companies continue to use state and local incentives to hire more employees and expand their businesses right here in Gloucester County. As our county continues to grow so have our top industries and universities. The healthcare industry represented one of the fastest growing industries in the county with no signs of slowing down. This thriving industry has many positive direct and indirect economic implications for our county and our current workforce. In addition, the student population is beginning to experience the benefits that come from the new construction and industry growth.

We have always recognized education as a foundation to a successful workforce. In Gloucester County, our education system has been built to provide greater access and opportunities for all residents. Our technical school and high school academy programs at Gloucester County Institute of Technology have been expanded and at the same time, Rowan College of South Jersey has expanded its Nursing and Allied Health programs and Center for College and Career Readiness in conjunction with Rowan University.

As we move ahead, we will continue to create more access and opportunities for life long education, industry valued training programs and high quality jobs to enhance the quality of life for each and every resident of Gloucester County.


Robert M. Damminger

Board of Commissioners Director