Land Development Review & Approval Committee

Land Development Review Committee
John Robinson
Planning Board Secretary
Ted Bamford
Scott D. Burns, Esq.
Planning Board Solicitor
Vincent Voltaggio
County Engineer
Charles Romick
County Planner
David Lubelski
Assistant County Engineer

Application Processing
Paul Esposito
(856) 307-6650


(Please carefully review the Applications & Checklists for required forms & documents before submitting your Application.)

The Gloucester County Planning Board's Special Land Development Review and Approval Committee will conduct regular meetings every Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. in the County Government Services Building, Conference Room C at 1200 N. Delsea Drive in Clayton.

The Gloucester County Land Development Resolution is a manual designed to "provide rules, regulations, procedures and standards for review and approval of land subdivisions and site development plans in Gloucester County pursuant to the County and Regional Planning Enabling Act, N.J.S.A. 40:27-1 et seq., as supplemented by Laws of 1968, Chapter 285, as amended by P.L. 1981 Chapter 50". The Resolution also addresses provisions required in plat submissions pursuant to additional state and federal requirements.

The Gloucester County Specification Manual contains engineering design standards for developments and related land improvements impacting county roads and county drainage facilities. "All site plans, subdivision plats and accompanying development design plans shall conform to the design standards, as set forth in this County Specifications Manual, which are intended to encourage desirable development patterns within the county".

The Gloucester County Official Map serves as a master plan for the county highway system. This map establishes right-of-way, roadway widths and specific functional classifications for all county highways.