Guardianship of Minors

A guardian is someone who acts on behalf of another individual. 

The purpose of appointing a guardian through the Gloucester County Surrogate Court is to:

  1. Hold funds that a minor receives as a result of a personal injury claim.
  2. Hold funds when a minor is  a beneficiary in Will (unless the money is to be held in Trust).
  3. Hold funds that a minor is to receive through an intestate estate.

A person must make application to the Surrogate Court for appointment as Guardian of the minor's property.  The parents have the first right to make the application for guardianship.  When a Friendly hearing is held, guardians should appear in the Surrogate's office following the Friendly.

When appointed, the guardian will represent the interests of the minor in respect to the minor's property.  Funds received for the minor will be deposited in the Gloucester County Surrogate's Intermingled Trust Fund and held until the minor reaches the age of majority.

All questions concerning guardianships of minors may be directed to Susan Ryan at 856-853-3292.

The money in its entirety will be released to the minor upon his/her reaching majority age of 18 years. When the minor applies for release of the funds they must provide the Surrogate Court with the following:
  • Original birth certificate  
  • Copy of a photo ID 
  • He/she must sign a Verified Complaint for Return of Securities 
  • He/she must sign a Release and Refunding Bond 
  • He/she must sign a Child Support Judgment Search Certification