Superintendent of Schools
$0115 Budd Blvd. West Deptford NJ 08096$0(856)686-8370 $0(856)686-8387 FaxAve Altersitz$0$0Hours of Operation:$0Weekdays - 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.$0$0$0The Gloucester County Office of Education is the arm of the New Jersey State Department of Education that serves as liaison for citizens and local school districts to the Department of Education. Its primary function is to provide assistance and support to school districts, serving as a resource to school district personnel. $0$0The office provides oversight and monitoring of the 29 school districts to ensure compliance with law and code, annually approves local school district budgets, verifies the Applications for State School Aid, approves transportation contracts and jointures, and approves substandard instructional areas. $0$0The office assists residents of the county who are seeking certification as a teacher or substitute teacher. Substitute teacher credentials are issued to qualified applicants. Assistance is provided to parents who call for guidance regarding school related issues. $0$0The Executive County Superintendent position was established by the Commissioner of Education to provide improved alignment of our current staff in support of educational initiatives in Gloucester County.  Through better alignment, the County Office responds to district needs and provides a proactive outreach and support in helping schools and districts implement the Common Core State Standards. $0$0$0Staff E-Mail Addresses:$0$0Tara Brouillette -$0Dena Cooper -$0James McBee - $0Jillian Palladino Gillespie- $0Beth Ann Smith - $0Caroline Knower - $0Doris Isaacs - $0$0$0Freeholder Director - Robert M. Damminger$0Freeholder Liaison - Lyman Barnes $0