K-9 Unit

K-9 Officer Molnar and Roxie:


(Woodbury, NJ) – Gloucester County Sheriff Carmel Morina announced today with deep regret that Gloucester County Sheriff’s K-9 Handler Alex Molnar had to put his K-9 partner Roxie down on Monday, after receiving bad news following a medical emergency on Saturday.  Roxie’s condition was deteriorating and S/O Molnar had to make the extremely hard decision to stop the illness from hurting her anymore.  “Our department is deeply saddened by the loss of Roxie” said Sheriff Morina, “she will be forever in our hearts”. 

K-9 Roxie, a narcotics detection Labrador retriever, did an outstanding job for the citizens of Gloucester County throughout the team’s career.  They helped interdict illegal drugs every day in our communities and their good work will not soon be forgotten.    

Roxie was a rescue from a local animal shelter, a 58 pound Yellow Labrador Retriever who attended the “John Sonny Burke” Atlantic County K-9 Scent Academy (Class #28) in the Fall of 2012 and Graduated on November 30th, 2012.    K-9 Roxie was a Single Purpose Narcotics Detection Canine.  Roxie was trained in the detection of narcotic odor for Marijuana, Hashish, Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines, and Ecstasy.  K-9 Roxie was also trained to detect narcotic odor on US currency.   K-9 Roxie participated in numerous public K-9 demonstrations during her career.  During K-9 Roxie’s career she was called to assist in the detection of narcotics for; Clayton Police Department, Cumberland County Department of Corrections, Cumberland County sheriff’s Department, Deptford , Franklin Township, Glassboro Police Department’s,  Gloucester County Department of Corrections, Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department, Greenwich Township, Harrison Township, Mantua Township, Monroe Township, Paulsboro, Pitman Police Department’s, Salem County Department of Corrections, Salem County Sheriff’s Department, Vineland, West Deptford, Woodbury and Winslow Township Police Department’s.  “In the uncontrolled “real world” environment, K-9 Roxie was proven to be 97.73% reliable and consistent in the detection of narcotic odor, that is to be commended”, said Sheriff Morina.  K-9 Roxie was 4 years and 4 months old at the time of her passing.

K-9 Nomad

Nomad is an explosives Scent Detection and Patrol K-9. Nomad has been trained to detect bombs and is able to assist in locating missing persons or fugitives. Sergeant Tony DeCicco is Nomad's handler. Together they have passed an intense training period and have established a high caliber of expertise in the field of Police Scent Detection Dogs. Nomad was made possible through a grant from the Office of Homeland Security. Nomad is handled by Sergeant Tony DeCicco and can be reached at (856) 384-4626. 



K-9 Brady

Brady is an explosives Scent Detection K-9. Sheriff's Officer Lauer is Brady's handler. Brady was aquired from the Atlantic City Police Department.


K-9 Jax

Jax is an explosives Scent Detection K-9. Sheriff's Officer Bittle is Jax's handler. Jax was rescued from the Burlington County Animal Shelter.


K-9 Roxy

Roxy is the department arson detection canine. Roxy has been trained to detect specific chemicals at fire scenes that may have been used to start the fire. Roxy was made possible through the State Farm Insurance grant. Sheriff's Officer Accoglio is Roxy's handler.