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Sheriff Carmel Morina
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Sheriff Carmel Morina's message following the death of George Floyd 

*Please be advised per Executive Order no. 106 signed by Gov. Phil Murphy, the Sheriff’s Office will not be proceeding with any residential Sheriff’s Sales or evictions at this time. The order provides no end date except to say that it shall end 60 days after the declared State of Emergency, or the current Public Health Emergency, shall cease, whichever is earlier.

**Our office is currently able to proceed with the Sheriff’s Sales of commercial and certified vacant & abandoned properties. Please check for active sales and their current sale dates. We are currently holding sales in-person at the Justice Complex, 70 Hunter Street, Jury Assembly Room #1046, Woodbury, NJ 08096 on a monthly basis until volume increases. We will also be streaming the sales for viewing purposes only. The link to attend will be posted on this page the day before each sale date.

***All bidders will be required to Pre-Register for each sale date. You can find our pre-registration form and further information under the Foreclosure Procedures tab.


The New Jersey constitution decrees that the sheriff is the highest elected public law enforcement officer in every county. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this office and I am proud of our highly trained professional staff. The successes they achieve in the daily performance of their tasks reflect on the value of their considerable training and their commitment to perform their sworn duties as officers. My non-sworn staff is likewise committed to everyday excellence.

The primary functions performed by the Sheriff's Office are mandated by statute. They include responsibilities in both civil and criminal areas of the law. These responsibilities include:

  • Court Security Bureau - Providing security for the Justice Complex, Family Court Building, Old Court House, Adult Probation Office, the Fiscal Unit of Probation, Rowan College at GCC and the Special Services School District.
  • Field Services Bureau - Includes the Special Investigation Unit which is responsible for the apprehension of all county fugitives.
  • Criminal Identification Unit - Maintains photographs, fingerprints and criminal histories of all persons arrested for an indictable offense in the county.
  • Civil Process Unit - Oversees the service of summonses and complaints, writs of execution, execution of judgments, and foreclosure sales of real property.
  • Transportation Unit - Responsible for transporting adult and juveniles remands.

The total staff numbers 117, which includes the Sheriff, 2 Undersheriff's, 1 Captain, 1 Chief Warrant Officer, 11 Investigators, 3 Lieutenants, 11 Sergeants, 73 Officers, and the civilian staff numbers 14.

The members of the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to protecting life and property. We are committed to providing all citizens with the highest quality law enforcement services and strive to perform our duties in an efficient and effective manner. While providing the traditional services of the Sheriff, we stand ready to support and augment all other law enforcement agencies. We recognize that the ability to successfully complete our mission is based on shared mutual respect and responsibility between the Sheriff's Office, county and municipal agencies, and the citizens we serve. As professionals, we will enforce the laws in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial mandates of this Office, and at all times respecting and protecting the constitutional rights of every individual.

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The Sheriff's Office Main Number: (856) 384-4600

Sheriff Carmel M. Morina (856) 384-4630
Undersheriff August E. Knestaut (856) 384-4632
Undersheriff Andre L. Bay (856) 384-4631