Operation Helping Hand (OHH)
 The GC Prosecutor’s Office and Department of Human Services has partnered with local law enforcement to offer treatment as an alternative to criminal justice involvement for minor drug-related offenses.  Recovery specialist are located inside the courtroom, Superior and Municipal Court, to directly connect with those in need,  In addition, by using information from different data sects, GCPO also engages individuals in what’s been called “OD mapping” and directly connects those individuals to treatment providers with grass roots “direct outreaches.”   OHH has also developed a FB page and newsletter specifically dedicated to resource outreach and information to the law enforcement community and recovery community.

Program Manager
Assistant Prosecutor Michelle Jeneby

Detective Eric Shaw

Media Contact
Community Relations Specialist Shannon Eden

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The GC Prosecutor’s Office tracks the numbers of Narcan administered/deployed to overdose cases throughout the County. Narcan is used to reverse the effects of an opioid related drug overdose. The Narcan that is then distributed and administered is analyzed for trends in order to identify people and areas most at risk of overdose.   Those trends are then utilized in determining outreach and intervention efforts in order preserve the safety of our citizens.

Municipal Court Program
A new initiative, where Gloucester County will be training Recovery Coaches and Peer Recovery Specialists to serve in municipal courts.  With the cooperation of local prosecutors, coaches and social workers will make referrals for substance use assessment.  Those in need of further treatment may have sentences reduced or suspended.

Straight to Treatment
It is the policy of this department and the Gloucester County Prosecutors Office “Straight to Treatment” program to help reduce the impact of heroin and opiate abuse in our community. We encourage those who suffer from addiction to seek help and to experience recovery. Several Police Departments and Gloucester County Prosecutors Office will offer treatment resources to all those who are suffering from addiction with compassion, care, and concern. It is our goal to assist them with their recovery. The coordination and collaboration between these police departments  and those needing help shall be in conjunction with recovery specialists and mental health professionals. The purpose is to connect individuals suffering from the disease of addiction with treatment and/or recovery with support services.  An individual can walk right into the police department and ask for help.  A police officer and a treatment provider will be on-site during a specified period of time to help that person.