Office Directory

Direct extensions for the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office Assistant Prosecutor’s & Detectives

Main Office Number

Christine Hoffman
384-5534 Acting County Prosecutor

Name & Email Address


Assigned Unit


Ballenger, Jim
5601 Lieutenant - CSI/HTU/Grand Jury
Barlow, Eric
5629 Special Investigations Unit
Barquero, Yader
5642 Crime Scene Investigation Unit
Bates, Michael
5552 Major Crimes Unit
Bielski, Michael
5645 Special Victims Unit
Brenner, Breia
5609 Crime Scene Investigation Unit
Cintron, Saul
5695 Special Investigations Unit
Ferris, Pete
5637 Sergeant - FIU
Garbarino, Anthony
5619 Sergeant - SVU
Gilbert, Tom
5530 Chief of Staff
Hemphill, Robert
5602 Lieutenant - MCU
Hogan, Steve
5611 Grand Jury Unit
Hoyle, Joe
5623 Insurance Fraud
Jacobus, Derrick
5537 High Tech Crimes Unit
Lick, Stacie
5608 Lieutenant - SVU
Lloyd, Brian
5581 Major Crimes Unit
Malesich, Greg
5626 Sergeant - CSI
McCausland, Colleen
5603 Special Victims Unit
O'Leary, Mike
5620 Crime Scene Investigation Unit
Palek, Keith
5622 Major Crimes Unit
Perticari, Brian
5634 High Tech Crimes Unit
Petroski, John     
5531 Sergeant - MCU
Pietrzak, Robert
5618 Captain of Detectives
Reilly, James
5630 Fugitive Unit
Rivell, Warren
5625 Major Crimes Unit
Santiago, Krystal
5508 Major Crimes Unit
Schock, Nick
5635 Sergeant - HTU
Senor, Chris
5506 Crime Scene Investigation Unit
Shaw, Eric
5531 Grand Jury Unit
Thompson, Bradd
5603 Major Crimes Unit

SANE/Victim Witness Unit

Caraker, Eileen
5555 SANE / SART Coordinator
Gallagher, Kris
5557 Victim Witness Coordinator
McKenna, Elsie
5528 Clerical Support
Mitchell, Celines
5606 Victim Advocate
Robinson, Lillian
5579 Victim Advocate
Seider-Paquin, Rosemarie
5516 Victim Advocate
Sheridan, Colin
5510 Victim Advocate
Taylor, Leslie A.
5536 Victim Advocate / MDT Coordinator

Office Administration

Reid, Patti
5532 Office Manager

Gangs, Guns and Narcotics Task Force

Goggin, Patrick
Sergeant - GGN
Ingram, Steve  
Lieutenant - GGN