Office of Land Preservation

Gloucester County Office of Land PreservationNichols Farm 

1200 North Delsea Dr.
Building "E"
Clayton , NJ , 08312
Phone:  (856) 307-6451 
Fax: (856) 307-6479

Eric Agren, Program Coordinator, Farmland Preservation and Open Space
Mary Cummings, Program Coordinator, Certified Gardener Program
Elaine Schreiter, Administrative Assistant
Eric M. Campo, County Counsel, Solicitor for Farmland Preservation and CADB

Farmland Preservation Program

The objective of the Farmland Preservation Program is to purchase development rights on farms so that the land is permanetly preserved and restricted to only agricultural uses. Our office coordiantes all acquistions in accordance with the regulations set by the New Jersey State Agricultures Development Committee(SADC). The office also oversees the state and municipal eight year development easement programs. Currently there are over  300 farms totaling more than 21,000 acres in farmland preservation.

For more for information on the Farmland Preservation Program please click here: Understanding Farmland Preservation Guide
 Click here for our a list of preserved farms:  Preserved Farm Inventory

Open Space Preservation Program

The objective of the Open Space Program is to expand the existing county and municipal park system in Gloucester county. Through this program the county has been able to expand all three county parks, Red Bank Battlefield in National Park, the James G. Atkinson Park in Washington Township and the Scotland Run Park in Clayton and Franklin Townships along with five additions of lands adjacent to the County Golf course and Greenway in Mantua Township. The county also assists municipalities in the purchase of recreational lands through this program. Funds can be used to purchase new parks, expand existing ones or develop greenways. In 2015, the office of Land Preservation, in cooperation with the State Green Acres Program, Mantua Township, and the South Jersey Land and Water Trust, was able to preserve the former Maple Ridge Golf Course in Mantua and Deptford Townships to create the Tall Pines State Preserve, the first State park in Gloucester County. Click here for the: Tall Pines Trail Map

Gloucester County Certified Gardener Program

This program offers interested county residents 60 hours of training in a variety of horticultural topics taught by leaders in the horticultural industry. At the completion of training volunteers are asked to volunteer 60 hours back to the program through a variety of activities. To learn more about the program go to the Certified Gardener tab or click here for the: Certified Gardener Brochure

Gloucester County Agriculture Development Board(CADB)

This board has regulatory oversight for the County Farmland Preservation Program and hears Right to Farm cases. Members who represent both the agricultural and public community, are appointed by the Gloucester County Board of Freeholders for a 4-year term. For meeting and member information click here

Program Funding

Both the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Programs are funded partially through grants administered by the State Agriculture Development Committee and the New Jersey Green Acres Program. Gloucester County also uses a voter-supported County Open Space Tax for land preservations acquisitions. Gloucester County voters over the years have approved a 4 cent supplement to the fund, indicating their support of the County's land preservation program and improvements to the county's current open space properties. In addition, the Freeholder Board has passed a number of bond acts over the years as needed to supplement the county fund. By implementing this proactive tactic, country residents are ensured of the continuation of our rich and thriving agricultural heritage.

Freeholder Director - Robert M. Damminger
Freeholder Liaison  -  Jim Lavender