Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC)

HSAC is a county-based planning, advisory, and advocacy organization dedicated to meeting the human services needs of the local community. The HSAC seeks to facilitate, coordinate, and enhance the delivery of human services through collaborative relationships within our county, and among private and state agencies.  Members are appointed by the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders.   HSAC public meetings are 4:00 PM the 3rd Thursday of each month (except for July & August) in the main conference room of the Gloucester County Budd Blvd. Complex, 115 Budd Blvd., West Deptford.  The HSAC complies with N.J.A.C. 10:2 County Human Services Councils 2009

Subcommittees of HSAC

  1. Planning - To periodically develop, upgrade and monitor a County Comprehensive Services Plan, under the Department's guidance, addressing the needs of the local community.  This committee conducts/secures needs assessments of target populations, and addresses the development of service priorities to meet those needs.  It develops strategies to secure the needed services, and ensures completion/updates of comprehensive county service directories to facilitate the access and coordination of services available to residents. The Planning Committee is also responsible for organizing the Ad Hoc Budget Planning Committee.  The Budget Committee is responsible for recommendation to increase, reduce or reallocate available funding.
  2. Allocations - to prepare plans for new and on-going state funding allocations, increases, reductions or reallocation of available funding.
  3. Comprehensive Emergency Assistance System (CEAS) - to serve as the primary vehicle for planning and coordinating the delivery of emergency services to the homeless (including designated core social services for the homeless) within the county.  This committee develops service priorities and spending priorities for the homeless funds. 
  4. Management Assistance Resource Team (MART) - to review and make recommendations on the renewal of existing purchase of service contracts and provide technical assistance to agencies according to the Human Services Performance Standards.
  5. Appeals - conduct appeals hearings, as needed, from service providers affected by the HSAC recommendations.
  6. Nominating – purpose is to nominate individuals for the bi-annual election of Executive Officers and Chairpersons of all Standing Committees.  It is also charged with recommending the appointment and removal of Council members.  It is charged with the responsibility to actively recruit and recommend membership for the Council.
  7. Work First NJ – works cooperatively with Workforce Investment Boards and community-based organizations involved in moving individuals from welfare to work.
  8. Committee On Missing & Abused (COMA) - Purpose is to address the problems of child abuse and missing children in the county.  Its activities may include, but not be limited to arranging for educational programs for parents and children, providing information concerning the available services in the county and in the State for abused children and their parents and the parents of missing children, and coordinating the provision of services and programs concerning child abuse and missing children that are offered in the county and neighboring counties.
[Press Release November 2017 from Prevent Child Abuse - New Jersey]
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Epidemic Of Sexual Harassment: Our Role To Protect Children

Child sexual abuse is a silent, violent epidemic. It’s so widespread that each of us probably knows someone who has been victimized or who has abused.

COMA is linked to the Enough Abuse Campaign through Prevent Child Abuse - NJ.  The Enough Abuse Campaign was originally developed in Massachusetts in 2001 with support from the U.S. CDC. With support from the Ms. Foundation for Women, Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey was chosen to join the Campaign in 2011. The New Jersey Partnership to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, a collaboration of over 20 organizations, was created to lead the Enough Abuse Campaign in NJ. The Partnership includes experts in public health, child abuse prevention, sexual violence prevention, sex offender treatment, and management, child protection, victim advocacy and services, and research and evaluation. Its mission is to prevent people from sexually abusing children now, and to prevent children from developing sexually abusive behaviors in the future. To read more...............
Enough Abuse Campaign Brochure

           The movement against child sexual abuse starts with a single word

The New Jersey Enough Abuse Campaign

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