Community Resources
Many health services and resources are available to Gloucester County residents that can be accessed by visiting: Aunt Bertha - The Social Care Network

Community Partnerships

By contract with all 24 municipalities, the Department of Health provides a range of programs and services through collaboration with local Boards of Health. Community partnerships also remain vital as we work collectively to improve the communities health. Partnership meetings are conducted bi-annually to enhance communication and addressing municipal health needs. 

For more information contact:

Eric Fisher
(856) 218-4108

Our Community Health Plan

  • One of the roles of public health in Gloucester County is to improve the health of the public.  This is accomplished through strengthened community partnerships. Information and data have been gathered to develop a five year Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  The CHIP identifies and prioritizes public health concerns in an effort to address our residents public health interests and needs. 

    CHIP Health Improvement Plan