Vial of Life Program

Gloucester County EMS conducts numerous community outreach activities for the taxpayers of Gloucester County.  Vial of Life

The "Vial of Life" program allows individuals to provide medical information in advance that can be used by GCEMS crews in the case of an emergency.  The program consists of a vial labeled with a "Vial of Life" sticker, inside the vial is placed a medical form which has been filled out stating the health status of the individual and current medications being taken.  The vial is placed in the refridgerator, usually recommended to be on the top shelf of the door, because it has been shown that the refridgerator's contents are preserved in the event of a fire.  Stickers are placed on the inside of the front door of the home and on the refridgerator door so that GCEMS crews will know to look for the vial.

Additional or replacement forms can be downloaded below. 

The complete "Vial of Life" kit can be obtained from any GCEMS crew or Station, the Gloucester County Administrative offices in Woodbury or the GCEMS office in Clayton. 

Please call the GCEMS office at (856) 307-7120 for assistance or any questions.

Download Vial Of Life Form Here