Body Cameras Memo

It is the policy of the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office /
Corrections Division to utilize body worn video / audio cameras to
assist agency personnel in the performance of their duties by
providing an accurate and unbiased recorded account of any
incidents. The policy also enhances transparency and
accountability which reinforces community trust.

All sworn personnel wearing / utilizing a body worn camera are
required to use the equipment consistent with the manufactures'
guidelines and policy and procedures in line with the New Jersey
Attorney General Directives.

The Gloucester County Sheriff's Office / Corrections Division
utilizes Vievu LE4 and LE5 body worn cameras. The body worn
cameras are worn on the outside of the departmental uniform shirt
in the center of the chest. Below are images of the two types of
body worn cameras deployed by the Corrections Division.

Currently Gloucester County Sheriff Officers are not required to
wear body worn cameras, and do not, only Corrections Officers
currently wear body worn cameras. There are video recorded
surveillance systems in most of the facilities patrolled by the
Sheriff's Office. ie: Gloucester County Justice Complex, Gloucester
County Court House, Gloucester County Probation Office,
Gloucester County Social Services Office.