Clerk of Board of Chosen Freeholder

N.J.S.A. 40A:9-26.  Clerk of board of chosen freeholders - The board of chosen freeholders of each county shall appoint a clerk to the board for a term of 3 years .  He shall keep in a book the minutes and a record of the orders and proceedings of the board.  He shall have custody of the official seal of the county and all records, documents and other official papers relating to the property and business of the county and perform such services as the board from time to time shall direct.

The Clerk of Board's office is directly responsible to the Board of Freeholders. It serves as a depository for all legal documents and preparation of agenda & agenda planning for Freeholder meetings. The Draft Agenda shall be set by the Freeholder Director and will be prepared by the Clerk of the Board's Office and transmitted to each Freeholder electronically by Friday of the week preceding the regular meeting. This office is also responsible for the compilation, distribution and permanent filing of all Freeholder meeting minutes.

The Clerk shall call special meetings of the board whenever the director may direct or whenever four members of the Board shall file with the Clerk a written request therefore. The call for a special meeting shall be in writing and shall state the business to be transacted and the purpose thereof, and shall be given as provided by law.

The Clerk of the Board maintains a basic reorganization procedure for the Annual Meeting of the Board of Freeholders.

This office is also responsible for updating and maintaining inventory and titles of all county tagged vehicles. They file and process all resolutions, contracts & proclamations adopted by the Board of Freeholders, and file and record all insurance policies and individual bonds and processes payment of same.

This office also prepares legal notices & notices to the public for the Board of Freeholders. They file all easement transactions that pertain to the county government, file & index all resignations pertaining to county boards, update all listings of boards and commissions appointed by the freeholders, and administer the oath of office to all county appointees.

The Clerk of the Board's office assembles information and is responsible for the publishing of the annual County directory. This office prepares, mails, and maintains a data base of letters sent to new homeowners in the county.

The Clerk of the Boards Office also provides back-up for the Freeholder's office staff.