Adoption Services

Adoption Process
This is a place holder please replace meYou may be surprised to find that adopting an animal is a more involved process than you expected, or that it means you can't have immediate access to an animal you are interested in. Therefore its important to understand two things:  

1. The process is the same for everyone

2. It's not our intention to frustrate you. Rather, everything we do is for the best interests of the animals in our care, and is aimed at giving them the best possible chance of finding a permanent home.

Here are the steps you'll go through in the adoption process:

Before you can interact (that is, pet, cuddle, walk, and get to know) any animal that you've seen in our kennel, we'll ask you to complete some paperwork. This paperwork must be completed first in order to minimize stress for you and the animals. Our process includes asking questions, asking to see proof of identity and, frequently, asking for veterinary references, particularly when you have other animals at home. This is simply to protect the health of adoption candidates and the pets you already have.

Pre-Adoption Application

To complete an application, visit us or click on one of the links below. For our electronic application, click the link below and you will be directed to  our online adoption application. Simply fill in your answers and submit your application electronically! For the .pdf file, print out the application and fax, mail or hand deliver your application to the shelter. Our fax number and mailing address can be found at the top of the pre-adoption application.

You Must be 18 Years of Age to Adopt a Pet!

Online Pre Adoption Application
Electronic pre-adoption application!

Pre Adoption Application (PDF)
Print, fill-out and mail the pre-adoption application!

Once you have been approved for adoption, you may handle and visit the animal you're interested in. You will have a counseling session with a knowledgeable member of our staff who will fill you in on the history and needs of that animal. You can ask your counselor any questions about spaying and neutering, housetraining, scratching (in cats), veterinary care, how to deal with fleas and ticks, and anything else you can think of.

You will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay a fee for adoption. The fees are split for dogs and cats.

  • Dogs/Puppies:  $35.00 for dogs/puppies 5 years & younger. Dogs 6 & older, adoption fee waived!
  • Cats/Kittens: $35.00 for cats/kittens 5 years & younger. Cats 6 & older, adoption fee waived!
  • Discounted Fee for Senior Citizens: $35.00 (this reflects a $35.00 fee for Spay/Neuter and no adoption fee)
  • Discounted Fee for Military Veterans: $35.00 (residents can contact the Animal Shelter for qualifications)

Our adoption fees include the following for every animal:

  • Dogs: Includes Spay/Neuter, Antigen Heartworm test, nasal Bordetella, worming, all age appropriate vaccinations, collar, leash, microchip and an identification tag from Gloucester County Animal Shelter.
  • Cats: Includes Spay/Neuter, Feline Leukemia/AIDS combination test (12 weeks & older), all age appropriate vaccinations, worming, disposable cat carrier, microchip and an identification tag and collar from Gloucester County Animal Shelter.

If the animal is not Spayed/Neutered at the time of your adoption, an appointment will be made for surgery and the animal will be delivered to the veterinarian where the new owner can pick up their pet after surgery.

Please Note: As a general rule, we cannot hold animals for anyone. Unfortunately, because of tremendous demands on our kennel space, all adoptions must be done on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the first good, properly-qualified prospective home will get the pet.

Let Us Repeat
We don't ever mean to be frustrating to or evasive with you. We want you to understand that it's stressful and upsetting - in fact, downright devastating - for the animals, for our staff, and most importantly, for you when adoptions don't work out and pets have to come back to us. And a bad adoption experience can sour some people on dogs or cats - or on shelter animals - for life. So try to bear with us and be patient. And understand that going through the process
the way we do really is the best policy - for all of us.

Hours of Operation
Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 12 Noon – 7PM (by appointment only)
Friday & Saturday: 12 Noon – 4PM (by appointment only)

The Adoption Office is closed on Sunday's, Monday's and on all major holidays.