Pitman Grove Camp Meeting
Originally formed 1866 in John D. Turner's woods back of the old Barnsboro Mill, was under the auspices of Bethel Church (Hurffville). Successful meetings were held here until 1870. Good drinking water was had for one cent a bucketful.

In 1871 the Camp Meeting was started at Pitman Grove by Rev. William Ferry.

The Pitman Grove Camp Meeting was founded in the summer of 1871 by a small group of ministers from the New Jersey Conference of the Methodist Church, and was named in honor of Rev. Charles Pitman, a powerful camp meeting preacher of his day.

A large auditorium, the focal point of the religious activity, is at the center of the meeting grounds. Narrow walkways radiate from the central common space, and are lined with small cottages which were constructed soon after 1871 to provide temporary accommodations for those who attended the meetings.

The New Jersey Conference Meeting Association

Bounded by North, East, South and West Avenues, Pitman