How can we stay informed?
  • Radio stations that specialize in 24-hour news and information are your best source for up-to-date traffic and weather advisories during major events.
  • Inexpensive weather monitors are also recommended, especially those that activate when the National Weather Service sends out special weather statements.
  • Local events, such as parades, fairs, shows, etc. are announced via press releases to newspapers, radio and television stations well in advance of the event. Frequently, telephone numbers are listed for additional information.
  • Gloucester Alert - Sign-up for Gloucester Alert
    • The Gloucester County Board of Chosen Commissioners has provided an "early warning system" which will allow residents and visitors of Gloucester County to sign up for, and receive various types of public alerts.
    • These alert messages will range from severe weather alerts, school closings, and road closures and will include the more serious alerts such as Homeland Security issues.
    • Gloucester Alert is available for use as of October 1, 2008.

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