How Is tuberculosis (TB) disease treated?
  • People with TB disease, need to take several different drugs for at least six months, even if they start feeling well after only a few weeks of treatment. This is because there are many bacteria to be killed. Taking several drugs as prescribed will do a better job of killing all of the bacteria and preventing them from becoming resistant to the drugs. TB disease can almost always be cured with medicine.
  • People with TB of the lungs or throat are probably infectious. They need to stay home from work or school so that they don’t spread TB bacteria to other people. After taking their medicine for a few weeks, they will feel better and may no longer be infectious to others. Their doctor or nurse will tell them when they can return to work or school.
  • Having TB should not stop a person from leading a normal life. When they are no longer infectious or feeling sick, they can do the same things they did before they had TB. The medicine that they are taking should not affect their strength, sexual function, or ability to work. If they take their medicine as their doctor or nurse tells them, the medicine will kill all the TB bacteria. This will keep them from becoming sick again.

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