What happens if I have a positive skin test?

The nurse will arrange for a chest x-ray and lab work. Persons with normal chest x-rays and no signs or symptoms of Tuberculosis will be scheduled for a Chest Clinic appointment at the Health Department. These persons are infected with tuberculosis but don’t have active disease. They have a latent infection and are not contagious. Chest clinics are held on the first and third Thursday of the month from 4 pm to 6 pm, by appointment only.

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1. What is tuberculosis?
2. What are the symptoms of tuberculosis (TB)?
3. How is tuberculosis (TB) spread?
4. What happens if I have a positive skin test?
5. What will happen on my first visit?
6. What if I am diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB)?
7. How Is tuberculosis (TB) disease treated?
8. What is Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)?
9. What Is Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB)?
10. What is tuberculosis (TB) infection?
11. How can a person get tested for tuberculosis (TB)?
12. What if a person has been vaccinated with BCG?
13. What people with tuberculosis (TB) infection are at risk of developing TB disease?
14. How is tuberculosis (TB) infection treated?
15. What if a person has HIV infection?