How does food become contaminated (made impure)?

Harmful germs - such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites - can be on food that if not handled or cooked safely can cause illness. Toxins (poisons) produced by certain bacteria can cause food intoxication (poisoning). Food can also be contaminated by chemicals such as pesticides, certain cleaning compounds, and sometimes by use of improper containers (pots) for cooking or storing food. When ingested in large amounts, these chemicals will cause serious foodborne illness. Food contamination can be caused by:

  • Contamination of food, utensils, and equipment from flies, roaches, and other insects and pests
  • Improper handling, preparing and storing of food
  • Improper washing of hands and fingernails
  • Improperly cleaned and sanitized eating and cooking utensils and equipment
  • People who may seem well but who carry germs that can make other people sick
  • Poor personal hygiene habits of food employees
  • Use of foods from unapproved sources

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