How can a customer best assure safe food in a food establishment?

Customers expect good, safe food, clean surroundings, and pleasant service. The most important questions they can ask themselves are, "Is the hot food hot and the cold food cold?" and "Is my food thoroughly cooked?" If the answer to these questions is "no," send the food back. If you can see food workers at work, notice whether they are washing their hands when they come into the kitchen and whether they are using utensils or gloves when touching food that is ready to be served. Be certain there are warm water, soap, and paper towels in the restroom. 

If there is no warm water, tell the management right away. If there is no soap or no towels, ask the manager to restock. An establishment that appears neat and clean generally gives the impression that the management cares about doing things right and well. However, cleanliness doesn’t correlate with safe food handling practices, nor does it guarantee the food is safe. View more information on the Gloucester County Health Food Establishment Inspection Ratings website.

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