Scotland Run Park has a large lake - Wilson Lake - with many living creatures in it! Some of those creatures are different kinds of fishes, animals that we’re all somewhat familiar with. But did you know that there are at least two dozen kinds of fishes in Wilson Lake and in the stream below the dam? One of these fish (the ironcolor shiner) is very rare and we are lucky to have it in our park!

Skinny Brown FishIroncolor Shiner

The ironcolor shiner, a very rare fish, is only known from two places in New Jersey - one of which is Scotland Run Park!

Freshwater & Saltwater Fish

Fish can live in freshwater (lakes, ponds, streams, some rivers) or saltwater (ocean, bay, parts of some rivers) and there are totally different kinds of fishes in each! Freshwater does not have much salt in it, and saltwater has a lot of salt in it (you can taste the salt). A fish that is capable of living in one can’t live in the other (there are a few exceptions).


  • Check out this video about fish!
  • This video answers the question “Do fish drink water?” and tells you about the differences between freshwater and saltwater fish.
  • Watch instructional video showing a way to draw cute fish at home.

Activity - Make Your Own Crafted Fish

What You Need

  • Cardstock Paper (Color of Your Choice) 
  • Glue Dots (Optional)
  • Large Googly Eyes 
  • Markers 
  • Scissors 
  • Sequins 
  • Stapler 
  • Tacky Glue


  1. Cut your colored cardstock paper in half length-wise. Cut a triangle shape out of the end of one of the pieces and set the paper scrap aside.
    Fish Papercraft Project - Step 1
  2. Bend the other paper strip so the ends touch each other but don’t make a folded crease in the paper. Cut a triangle shape out of the bent side of the paper. You’ll end up with a diamond shape. Cut the diamond in half to get two separate triangles.
  3. Use your markers to draw lines on the triangles to look like fish fins. Turn the larger triangle over and draw lines on the back too.
    Fish Papercraft Project - Step 2
  4. Bend the large rectangle piece in half again. Slide the large triangle inside the back of the rectangle and place three staples to close the paper together in the middle and two ends.
  5. Use glue dots or tacky glue to glue a large googly eye on each side of the fish face.
  6. Glue the two smaller triangle fins on the sides of the fish. Bend the outside of the fins out slightly so they sit off of the fish a little adding to the two dimensional look.
  7. Add tacky glue to the bottom half of the paper fish craft. Sprinkle the tacky glue with sequins. Turn the paper fish craft over and add more tacky glue and sequins to the other side. Allow the glue to dry.

Your cute paper fish craft is complete!
Fish Papercraft ProjectFinished Fish Papercraft Project