Public Services & Municipalities

Not less than 70% of Community Development Block Grand (CDBG) funds must be used for activities that benefit low and moderate income persons. In addition, each activity must meet one of the following national objectives for the program:

  • Benefit low and moderate income persons
  • Prevention or elimination of slums or blight
  • Address community development needs having a particular urgency because existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community for which other funding is not available

Funds are awarded to municipalities through a competitive application process and public services funds are awarded through a completive contracting RFP process on an annual basis.

Municipalities / Not-for-Profit / For-Profit Entities

Funds are awarded on a competitive basis and are available to municipalities, not-for-profit, and for-profit entities. Projects must be located in one of the 24 participating municipalities of the Gloucester County Consortium and meet one or more of the objectives outlined in the County's current Consolidated Plan.

Public Services

The CDBG regulations allow the use of grant funds for a wide range of public service activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Child care
  • Crime prevention and public safety
  • Education programs
  • Employment services (e.g., job training)
  • Energy conservation
  • Fair housing counseling
  • Health services
  • Recreational services
  • Services for homeless persons
  • Services for senior citizens
  • Substance abuse services (e.g., counseling and treatment)
  • Welfare services (excluding income payments)

CDBG funds may be used to pay for labor, supplies, and material as well as to operate and/or maintain the portion of a facility in which the public service is located. This includes the lease of a facility, equipment, and other property needed for the public service.

To utilize CDBG funds for a public service, the service must be either: a new service or a quantifiable increase in the level of an existing service which has been provided by the grantee or another entity on its behalf through State or local government funds in the 12 months preceding the submission of the grantee's Consolidated Plan Annual Action Plan to Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The total amount of CDBG funds obligated for public services activities must not exceed 15% of the annual grant allocation.