State & Local Monetary Incentive Job Programs

Employee Training Grants

As a division of Workforce Grant and Program Management, Customized Training offers grant funding to train New Jersey workers.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship is a relationship between an employer and an employee during which employee, or apprentice, learns a highly skilled occupation. The programs consist of a combination of both classroom and on the job training.

Workfirst New Jersey on the Job Training Program

Employers may receive up to half of their new employees' gross wages for up to 26 weeks to help defray the costs of their training.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

A Federal tax credit incentive for employers to hire individuals from certain targeted groups.

Federal Bonding Program

Provides Fidelity Bond insurance for the first six months of employment for hard-to-place job applicants.

Division of Workforce Development

Individual career counseling appointments are available in the American Job Center. Qualified counselors can assist you with assessment, testing and vocational planning. Our career counselors can assess your skills and help you to develop your personal job search action plan, guide you in defining your occupational goals, test you to determine your skills and interests, and suggest a plan of action to advance your career. Click below for more information.