Standing Committees

The members of the six standing committees are entrusted with the responsibility of promoting the values and benefits of the Workforce Development Board. It is their mission to build an educated and productive workforce in order to meet the workforce needs of Gloucester County. 

Committee Actions

Actions of the individual committees are overseen by an Executive Committee which provides leadership in the development of policy recommendations and the promotion of the overall strategic workforce plan. The County Board of Chosen Commissioners relies heavily on those suggestions. Therefore, all actions taken on committee level must be reported, and if necessary, action taken to allow the recommendations to occur.

Education & Trainings

Through the volunteer efforts of many individuals and the professionals on staff, the Workforce Development Board has been able to provide quality education and training consistent with the changing needs of Gloucester County employers. 

Graduates of Workforce Development Board programs are being trained in valuable life skills that make them productive members of society and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.