Buildings & Grounds

Our mission is to ensure the citizens of the county can continue to rely on all the services the County offers. To accomplish this we work closely with all departments, some of our key responsibilities are to:

  • All court facilities are ready to serve whether it is a civil or criminal court
  • The department's grounds crew provides personnel for lawn services, snow removal, delivery, and moving services
  • Ensures that the safety of the County continues to be intact with all correction facilities and prosecutors areas
  • Maintaining safe and effectively managed buildings for State and County Government
  • Preparations and set up for County-sponsored events
  • Renovations and enhancements to facilities to benefit the citizens of Gloucester County
  • Safe access to County building

County-Owned & Operated Facilities

Buildings and Grounds maintain all County-owned and operated facilities. We strive to ensure all buildings are maintained and effectively managed in the County of Gloucester. This includes current occupied facilities as well as new construction and/or renovation projects, including:

  • Ensure all buildings are operating within PEOSHA regulations
  • Maintain all HVAC systems and temperatures in all buildings
  • Manage all furniture, equipment, and file movement throughout the county
  • Manage and perform renovation projects including actual construction and processing all necessary governmental paperwork, permits
  • Manage the movement of departments from building to building
  • Negotiate Contractual services and maintenance agreements related to any functional area of building maintenance and or construction
  • Normal Building maintenance and repairs
  • Process payment for all utilities, purchases, and/or contractual obligations