The main function of the Assessor's office is to value all real property at full and fair value in the County for the purpose of tax assessment, prepare the tax list, maintain records, and up-to-date tax maps.

Important Dates

Assessing DateOctober 1 of pre-tax year
Certification of Preliminary Tax ListNovember 1 of pre-tax year
Notification of Assessment Post CardsNovember 15 of pre-tax year
Added/Omitted Appeal Filing DeadlineBy 4:00pm on December 1 
Assessment Appeal Filing DeadlineBy 4:00pm in person or online on
 January 15
Assessment Appeal HearingsFebruary, March, and April
Tax List FiledMay 5
Farmland ApplicationsBy 4:00pm on August 1

How Do I

Appeal my property tax assessment?  Appeals can be filed after receipt of the Notification of Assessment postcard in November with the County Board of Taxation.  

Appeal an Added/Omitted tax assessment?  Appeals can be filed after receipt of the Added/Omitted Assessment in October with the County Board of Taxation.  

Apply for a Senior, Disabled Person, or Surviving Spouse/Surviving Civil Union Partner Deduction?  Application and Supplemental Income Form(required)

Apply for a Veteran or Surviving Spouse/Civil Union or Domestic Partner of Veteran or Serviceperson Deduction?  Application

Apply for a Property Tax Exemption on the Dwelling of a Disabled Veteran or Surviving Spouse/Civil Union or Domestic Partner of Disabled Veteran or Serviceperson?  Application

State of New Jersey Homestead Rebate.  The Homestead Rebate may be available to some taxpayers.  The eligibility requirements and benefits are determined by the State.  Call 1-877-658-2972 or click here to visit the State link

State of New Jersey Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze or Blue Book).   The Program reimburses eligible seniors or individuals receiving federal Social Security disability benefits for property tax increases.  Call 1-800-882-6597 or click here to visit the State link

Request a 200 foot List:  The request and payment should be made directly to the Clerk of the municipality where the subject property lies. Upon receipt of the request from the municipality; the completed certified list of owners will be forwarded to the municipality within the statutory deadline.

Request a Change of Address/Ownership Information:  Complete the form in full and return to the assessor's office by mail, fax, to the email on the form, or in person along with any required supporting documents.  Change of Address/Ownership Information

Important Notices/Information:

*Face coverings are optional to enter the building. 

*Mantua 2023 Reassessment:  Deadline to file a tax appeal in Mantua Twp is Monday, February 27, 2023.  *Contact the Gloucester County Tax Board with any questions or concerns regarding filing an appeal.  Thank you.  

Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights

New Jersey Statutes Annotated (NJSA)

The Gloucester County Office of Assessment derives its authority from and operated pursuant to New Jersey Statutes Annotated (NJSA) Title 54, Taxation.

As of April 1, 2013, the County Assessor's Office is responsible for all Municipal Assessment Functions.