Municipal Animal Laws

Every Municipality in Gloucester County has ordinances regarding the ownership of dogs and the responsibility of owning a pet. Several municipalities have ordinances concerning the ownership of cats and livestock.


All dogs are required to be licensed in Gloucester County. Due dates for licenses vary from town to town. In some towns, cats also require licensing. Check with your local Township Clerk for fees and times. License Tags are to be attached to the collars of all dogs.

Run at Large

All dogs are required to be on a leash or confined to their property in Gloucester County. Dogs are not allowed to run loose within the County. In some towns, cats and other pets are also not allowed to be loose.

Barking / Nuisance

Barking ordinances for Gloucester County vary town by town. Some require several residents to witness the violation while others require only one person. The length of time also vary. Check your local ordinances for what constitutes a violation.


In general, if you feed a stray animal for more than ten days then you are legally responsible for that animal which includes licensing the animal and keeping it confined to your property. Check your local ordinances for definitions of ownership.

Pet Limits

Several towns in Gloucester County limit the number of pets that you can own. If you own more than this number you may be required to obtain a Kennel License. Check with your local Township Clerk for limits and Kennel requirements.