Tuition & Costs


  • The Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy is a TUITION FREE Initial EMT education program.
  • In exchange for the costs of education, all Academy students are required to sign a 3 year service agreement with Gloucester County EMS.
  • Most other EMT Education Sites charge between $2000-$3000 in tuition costs, plus books and fees.
  • Service Agreements are, in no way, a promise of employment


Additional costs that are the student's responsibility include:
  • Textbooks & Online Course Access
  • Additional required reading materials
  • Boots
  • Stethoscope

These additional items can be obtained from any vendor. The Academy does not endorse one vendor over another.  Additionally, neither the Academy nor the County of Gloucester may serve as a vender for any of these items. ​Students should expect to spend approximately $500 in additional costs.