Pond Life

Diatoms are tiny plantlike organisms that live in water.                                                                     Most of the living things in a pond are VERY small! Many of these things can’t be seen without a
                                                                         microscope but they are still there. We can see some diatoms above. They are green like
                                                                                                  plants but they’re super tiny and they don’t have roots.   

There are so many things that live in a pond.  Inside of a pond there are plants, fish, many kinds of insects, snails, turtles and more.  Many other things live along the edge of a pond, such as frogs, birds, many kinds of insects, including dragonflies and damselflies, lots of plants and snakes.  

A pond is a small lake (or a lake is a big pond!), and many of the same creatures will be found in both.  Some ponds have fish in them and some do not. We have many kinds of fish around South Jersey, and some of them live in Scotland Run Park.

this fish is yellow with orange stripes on is sides similar to tiger stripes.                                                                      This is a pumpkinseed, a beautiful fish that lives in South Jersey.  Even though these are very 
                                                                        pretty, they are still predators (they eat other animals) and they are pretty vicious!  They’ll eat 
                                                                                                              just about anything including other types of fish.  

Many things that live in a pond or lake need clean water, and if the water gets too dirty from chemicals that wash into it from nearby lawns, it can be hard for creatures to live in it.  Fertilizers in lawns are very bad for fish and insects, so many states are starting to limit how much people can use in their yards. 

Many people notice turtles around ponds.  Some live on logs in the pond and will drop into the water as soon as a person or other large animal gets close. One of the most common types of turtles in our area is the painted turtle.  You can see them around Wilson Lake at Scotland Run Park, or in the SRP Nature Center. 

 this turtle has bright red stipes on its black legs.                                                                    Painted turtles are named for their bright red and yellow streaks and spots.  They can move into  
                                                                                     the water very FAST when they’re scared.  It’s hard to get close to one.

If you want to learn more about things that live in or near a pond, check out this link below

Let’s also try a craft where you can learn to make a turtle out of paper.
A turtle craft project made from paper.

For instructions on how to do this craft, visit: