2018 Shared Service Agreements
 01/17/18 SSA with Frankin Township for deicer storage and material (1.83 MB)
 01/17/18 SSA with GCIA for Revolving Loan Program (237.8 KB)
 01/17/18 SSA with Mantua for Deicer storage and material (1.73 MB)
 01/17/18 SSA with Salem for Medical Examiner Services (1.5 MB)
 01/17/18 SSA with Washington Twp for deicer storage and material (1.86 MB)
 01/17/18 SSA with West Deptford for Deicer storage and material (1.82 MB)
 01/17/18 SSA with Woolwich for deicer storage and material (1.8 MB)
 02/21/18 SSA with Buena for dispatch services (1.57 MB)
 03/07/18 SSA with GC Library Commission for Purchasing, Fiscal and Financial Matters (4.71 MB)
 03/28/18 SSA with Atlantic City for Health Officer Services (1.5 MB)
 03/28/18 SSA with GCUA for HR Services (1.07 MB)
 03/28/18 SSA with Library Commission for Certain HR Services (4.66 MB)
 03/28/18 SSA with Woodbury Heights for BLS EMS (1.56 MB)
 05/02/18 SSA with Deptford for family entertainment (699.9 KB)
 06/20/18 SSA with Atlantic County for Adult inmate (1.98 MB)
 07/11/18 SSA with GCIA for NJ Clean Communities Grant (1.15 MB)
 07/25/18 SSA with Burlington County for juvenile detention (2.55 MB)
 07/25/18 SSA with Greenwich Twp for EMS (2.13 MB)
 09/05/18 SSA with Rowan for Giordano Fellowship (196.4 KB)
 09/19/18 SSA with Camden County for juvenile detention (2.2 MB)
 10/3/18 SSA with GCIA fo Paulsboro Port Spine Access Road (337.2 KB)
 11/5/18 SSA with GCIA for Paulsboro Port Spine Access Road (469 KB)
 12/19/18 SSA with Westville for EMS (569.8 KB)
 3-28-18 SSA with GCUA for Human Resources Services (1.07 MB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Elk for family movie entertainment (652.2 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with GCIA for family entertainment (673.7 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Glassboro for Family Movie Entertainment (738.8 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Greenwich Township for family movie entertainment (663.1 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Logan for Family Movie entertainment (627.1 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Mantua for Family Entertainment (715.2 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Monroe for family movie entertainment (654.5 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Newfield Borough for family movie entertainment (645 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Paulsboro for family movie entertainment (645.6 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Pitman for Family Movie Entertainment (647.6 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Swedesboro for family movie entertainment (672.3 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Township of West Deptford for family movie entertainment (665.5 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Washington Township for family movie entertainment (689 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Westville (656.7 KB)
 5/2/18 SSA with Woodbury Heights for family movie entertainment (659.8 KB)
 5-2-18 SSA with City of Woodbury for family entertainment (734 KB)
 5-2-18 SSA with Clayton for Family Entertainment (677.2 KB)
 5-2-18 SSA with Harrison for Family Movie Entertainment (638.2 KB)
 5-2-18 SSA with National Park for Family Entertainment (634.6 KB)
 5-2-18 SSA with Woolwich for Family Entertainment (657.8 KB)
 6/6/18 SSA with Wenonah for family movie entertainment (648.4 KB)
 7/25/18 SSA with County of Burlington for juvenile detention facilities (2.55 MB)
 7/25/18 SSA with Greenwich Twp for BLS EMS (2.13 MB)
 7/25/18 SSA with National Park for BLS EMS (2.12 MB)
 9/18/18 SSA w/GCIA for Route 44 Bypass and Dupont Port Access Road (466.9 KB)