2017 Shared Service Agreements
 02/01/17 SSA Amendment to Franklin for EMS (334.5 KB)
 03/15/17 SSA with Newfield for EMS (3.18 MB)
 04/19/17 SSA with GCIA for Internet (1.24 MB)
 05/03/17 SSA with Deptford for family entertainment (763.2 KB)
 05/03/17 SSA with Greenwich for family movie entertainment (658.2 KB)
 05/03/17 SSA with Westville to provide Family Movie Entertainment (676.6 KB)
 05/03/17 SSA with Woolwich for family movie entertainment (662.9 KB)
 06/07/17 SSA with Essex for Correctional Services (3.14 MB)
 07-12-17 SSA with the GCIA for Clean Communities (1.13 MB)
 08-23-17 SSA with Rowan for American Job Center Workforce Learning Link (4.55 MB)
 10/04/17 SSA with Rowan College at GC and Bd of ed of ssd and vocational sd of gc (543 KB)
 10/4/17 SSA with East Greenwich for EMS (1.97 MB)
 11/21/17 SSA with GCUA for puchasing, fiscal and financial assistance (796.6 KB)
 12/20/17 SSA with GCUA for technica assistance and guidance (853.7 KB)
 3/15/17 SSA with Franklin for EMS (4.18 MB)
 5/3/17 SSA Franklin for Family Entertainment (650.4 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Clayton for Family Entertainment (713.6 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Elk for family movie entertainment (674.3 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Glassboro for family entertainment (723.4 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Harrison for family movie entertainment (651.3 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Logan for family movie entertainment (646.4 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Monroe for family movie entertainment (660.9 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Newfield for family movie entertainment (648.4 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Pitman for family movie entertainment (639.5 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with South Harrison Twp for family movie entertainment (689 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Swedesboro for family movie entertainment (661.2 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Washington for family movie entertainment (733.9 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Wenonah for family movie entertainment (660.5 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with West Deptford for family movie entertainment (673.7 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Woodbury for family entertainment (758.9 KB)
 5/3/17 SSA with Woodbury Heights for family movie entertainment (668.3 KB)
 5-3-17 SSA with Paulsboro for family movie entertainment (651.9 KB)
 7-12-17 SSA with Rowan for Megan Giordano Public History Fellowship (703.1 KB)
 8-23-17 SSA with Rowan for Community Work Experience (7.09 MB)