2019 Shared Service Agreements
 03/20/19 SSA with Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (336.8 KB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Clayton for family entertainment (2.93 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Deptford for Family Entertainment (2.96 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Elk Township for Family Movie Entertainment (2.8 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Glassboro for family entertainment (3.06 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Greenwich for family movie entertainment (3.11 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Logan for family movie entertainment (2.76 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Mantua for Family Entertainment (2.97 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Middlesex County for juvenile Detention Facilities (608.5 KB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Monroe for family movie entertainment (3.4 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with National Park for family entertainment (199.3 KB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Paulsboro for Family Movie Entertainment (3.08 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Pitman for family movie entertainment (2.96 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with South Harrison for family movie entertainment (2.84 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Swedesboro for Family Movie Entertainment (2.96 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Washington for family entertainment (3.37 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Wenonah for family movie entertainment (2.85 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with West Deptford for Family Movie Entertainment (3.08 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Westville for Family Entertainment (2.89 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Woodbury for Family Entertainment (167.9 KB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Woodbury Heights for family movie entertainment (3.06 MB)
 04/03/19 SSA with Woolwich for family movie entertainment (2.77 MB)
 04/17/19 SSA with GC Library for QPA (4.46 MB)
 05/15/19 SSA with GCIA for EMT Training Academy (3.33 MB)
 06/19/19 SSA with GCIA for NJ CLean Communities Grant Program (5.77 MB)
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