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DREAM Park to host NJ State 4-H Championship Horse Show

DREAM Park to host NJ State 4-H Championship Horse Show  

(Logan Township, NJ) The Gloucester County DREAM Park August event schedule is packed with fun shows and big events, so there is something everyone can enjoy, including the NJ State 4-H Championship Horse Show.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, "It is exciting that the NJ State 4-H Championship Horse Show will be held in the DREAM Park, it is quite a feather in our cap."

Damminger said that the NJ State 4-H Championship Horse Show, which has historically always been at the Horse Park of N.J., will be held at the DREAM Park from Aug. 24 to 26. 

The New Jersey State 4 H Championship Horse Show is held in August of each year and offers 4 H youth the opportunity to compete at an advanced level and meet other 4 H horse project members from around the state. Qualifying shows are held on the county level in the spring and early summer, and the top-rated competitors in each class represent the county at the state show. Divisions at the state show include Western, English, Games, Driving, and Dressage. Other events that are held at the state show include the 4 H Youth Art Show, 4 H Drill Team Exhibition, and the Horse Costume Class. 

The event will open on Friday, Aug. 24 at 8 a.m. and opening ceremonies will take place on the same day at 6:30p.m. All shows on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 25 and 26, will be free to spectate from and will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Damminger said, “Summer is a great season to visit the DREAM Park and there are a wide variety of shows that are free to spectate. With all the excitement that comes with the NJ State 4-H Championship Horse Show being held at our own DREAM Park, it's important to remember the other shows and events that the park will be hosting through August.” 

On Aug. 4 and 5 the Peruvian Horse Show will be held in the Main Arena from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days. The free to spectate event shows off the Peruvian horse, one of the world's last remaining naturally gaited breeds. The Peruvian is becoming a very popular breed among American horse enthusiasts for several very good reasons. There is "something for everyone" in this smooth, elegant animal and the Peruvian Horse Show intends to show off all of these positive traits to anyone who may be interested. 

From Aug. 11 to 12 the Zone 7 Paint Horse Show will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the main arena and will be free for all to spectate. The Northeast Connection Zone 7 Show is designed to showcase talented Paint Horses, attract new exhibitors and provide additional incentives for longtime competitors.

The Garden State Appaloosa Horse Show will be in the Main Arena from Aug. 17 to Aug. 19. The show on August 17 can be viewed from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. while the shows on the 18 and 19 can be viewed from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., all three of which are free to spectate. The Garden State Appaloosa Association was formed in 1991 as a merger of the New Jersey Appaloosa Association and the Tri State Appaloosa Association. The association holds three multi-judged shows each year in April, Aug. and Oct., each of which is a four-judge show and approved through the Appaloosa Horse Club in Moscow, Idaho. Over the last three years, all three Garden State shows were ranked in the Top 10 in the country for attendance. GSAA's goal has been to attract exhibitors to a nicely paced, relaxed and enjoyable show. There are 130 regional clubs nationwide that are officially recognized representatives of the Appaloosa Horse Club. 

For any questions, please call the GCIA DREAM Park at (856) 241-1415 or visit