Learn About Incentives for Employers?

State & Local Monetary Incentive Job Programs

Incentives include but are not limited to:

  • Employee Training Grants - As a division of Workforce Grant and Program Management, Customized Training offers grant funding to train New Jersey workers. http://careerconnections.nj.gov/
  • Apprenticeship Training - Apprenticeship is a relationship between an employer and an employee during which employee, or apprentice, learns a highly skilled occupation. The programs consist of a combination of both classroom and on the job training. http://careerconnections.nj.gov/
  • Workfirst NJ On the Job Training Program - Employers may receive up to half of their new employee's gross wages for up to 26 weeks to help defray the costs of their training. http://careerconnections.nj.gov/
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit - A Federal tax credit incentive for employers to hire individuals from certain targeted groups.
  • Federal Bonding Program - Provides Fidelity Bond insurance for the first six months of employment for hard-to-place job applicants.

Find other Employer Services and Incentive programs, visit http://careerconnections.nj.gov/