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Superintendent of Elections

550 Grove Rd
West Deptford Township, NJ 08066

Stephanie Salvatore
(856) 384-4500 Fax: 856-251-1645

Stephanie Salvatore

Message from the Superintendent:

Our mission here at the Superintendent of Elections/Commissioner of Registrations Office is to maintain the efficiency and integrity of the voting process, while managing the ongoing extensive and intricate changes in the voting laws. The duties and responsibilities of the Gloucester County Superintendent of Elections are extensive and wide ranging. They include responsibility for the supervision of all elections held in Gloucester County, the custody and maintenance of the voter records, voter registrations, and the custody and maintenance of voting machines. This office is also responsible for enforcement of all election laws and ensuring compliance with the National Voting Rights Act to ensure free, fair, and safe elections to all residents in Gloucester County.

The Gloucester County Office of Elections conducts all elections held throughout the County and works with the County Clerk's office to insure that Title 19 of the Election Laws of the State of New Jersey are implemented. The Superintendent of Elections/Commissioner of Registration has complete charge of the permanent registration of all eligible voters within the County. Evening registration is conducted by the Superintendent of Elections. The Board of Elections Commissioners oversees the counting of all ballots for recounts. The Board of Elections certify and attest to the final results of all elections before forwarding Canvasser's Report to the New Jersey Secretary of State's Office.

Elections Office All County-wide party petitions and all nominations by direct petition are filed with the County Clerk. The County Clerk's office prepares sample, official, and vote by mail ballots and receives all vote by mail ballot requests and processes same. The County Clerk's office also canvass the vote totals with the County Office of Elections. 



Voting ID Requirements

If you registered to vote after January 1, 2003 and if you did not provide identification to the county Superintendent of Elections on the voter registration form or if the identification information could not be verified (i.e., your driver's license number or the last four digits of your social security number), you must show identification at the polling place when you go to vote. If no identification can be provided, you may vote a Provisional Ballot.

ID does NOT have to be photo Identification and it may include, but is not limited to one of the following:

  • NJ driver's license
  • Military or other Government ID
  • Student or Job ID
  • Store Membership Card
  • United States Passport
  • A County valid Voter ID card


  • Bank statement
  • Car registration
  • Government check or document
  • Non-photo NJ driver's license
  • Rent receipt
  • Sample Ballot
  • Utility bill
  • or any other official documents

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Voter Bill of Rights

Freeholder Director
Robert M. Damminger

Freeholder Liaison
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